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DTU Executive School of Business provides lifelong learning and executive education for organizations and individuals to better navigate and create growth in a complex and changing world.

Results are what counts – consequently our teaching is based on action-learning, applying knowledge and tools to solve real life business problems facilitated by our vast network of leading international experts from the business world and cutting edge academic researchers.

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MMT Second to NoneDTU Executive School of Business – DTU Business – is a part of the Technical University of Denmark, the top technical university in Denmark.

DTU Business was founded in 1998 as the “Center for Technology, Economics and Management”. In 1999 we launched the Master in Management of Technology, MMT, part-time executive MBA program with the first class graduating in 2001. Since 2001 there have graduated more than 200 business leaders from the MMT program, making it the largest continuously running executive MBA program focusing on innovation and business development in Denmark. Read more about MMT here.

Since its inception DTU Business has grown to become the leading Scandinavian provider of education in innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.  We educate, train and support companies and entrepreneurs in discovering, incubating and accelerating new business idea projects.

DTU Business has an extensive network of cooperation with other international business schools, companies and people on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship, innovation, business creation and research.

We are also now a force in management and leadership education. Our uncompromising focus on results and growth unleash our participant’s potential for value creation.

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How can we help you?


DTU Executive School of Business
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Phone: +45 4525 6111

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