Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership – CEL™

Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership™

Be succesful in business innovation and product development and prepare your company for the future. CEL™ is a proven 7-month executive program where managers learn how to turn opportunities into profitable businesses.

About CEL™

CEL™ is the proven new business creation program for managers who wish to learn how to turn ideas into profitable businesses.

To stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market space, established companies need to be able to renew their focus and find new business opportunities while, at the same time, optimizing their core business.

Expanding and renewing a company’s core business is remarkably different from optimizing it. You will learn how to handle this dichotomy through the CEL™ Program.

As a CEL™ Program participant you will learn how to clarify ideas, how to incubate and mature these ideas into businesses, and ultimately how to accelerate them to enhance company growth. You will also learn how to navigate new business projects in organizations with a highly optimized core business.

CEL™ is action learning based, meaning that you will apply your gained knowledge to a specific project in your company. This allows you to create direct value for your company throughout the program.

The core concepts of the program are based on the findings of cutting edge research from USA and Europe on how companies renew their core business. The program draws upon highly experienced international experts from the world’s leading business schools who both teach and coach participants in how to apply what they learn to their specific projects.

For more information about CEL™: download the CEL™ fact sheet here or please send an e-mail to Program Director Jakob Holst.

CEL™ Program Design

The CEL Program is divided into four modules grouped around the three distinct blocks of business innovation project phases. Discovery is all about creation, recognition, articulation and elaboration of opportunities. Incubation is about experimentation with both market, organizational and technical aspects of the identified opportunities. Acceleration is about how to successfully go to market and scale up the growth.

CEL™ Program Design

CEL™ Projects

Projects at CEL™ are often highly innovative, of strategic importance to the company and supported by top management. The projects encompass all levels of maturity and scope and are: 

  • based on actual projects from the participating corporations 
  • taken from a broad spectrum of industries 
  • always treated with confidentiality

CEL™ Participants

CEL™ Teams

Maturing a business opportunity is a team effort. CEL™ teams are composed of two to three people from each company and will often include middle managers from sales/marketing, R&D, business development or corporate staff responsible for creating growth. The typical CEL™ participant is drawn from the following areas:

  • Middle management employees
  • Business developers
  • Specialists involved in product development
  • Corporate staff involved in the support and governance of growth

Corporate Partners

The Typical Participating Corporate Profile:

  • Corporations pursuing or wanting to pursue new profitable organic growth
  • Medium-sized and large corporations
  • Large-scale entrepreneurial organisations
  • In knowledge-intensive industries

Companies that have participated in the CEL™ Program:

Post Danmark
MT Højgaard
Chr. Hansen
Haldor Topsøe

CEL™Alumni Value Network

The CEL™ Alumni Value Network is an alumni forum for all graduates of the CEL™ Program. The network provides an opportunity for an active community of professionals with a shared education to expand the knowledge, capabilities and network they developed during the CEL™ Program.

Practical Information

How to Apply

Admission to the CEL™ Program is exclusively through corporate sponsorship and by invitation only. To arrange an introductory informational meeting please e-mail Program Director Jakob Holst. Your company applies for admission to the program by nominating the team and the business idea project.


The price per participant starts at DKK 95,500, including tuition, meals and materials.

Important Dates

Registration deadline (contracts): 17 May 2016
Program starts: 30 August 2016
Program ends: 8 March 2017


The workload for the CEL™ program varies greatly from project to project, but most teams should expect to spend an average of 20 hours/week/person during the program. This includes attending courses, preparation, assignments and work on the advancement of the project.


All educational material is in English and assignment submissions are expected to be in English.


DTU Executive School of Business, Produktionstorvet, Building 421, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

DTU Business is designed specifically for executive programs and is housed in its own building on the DTU campus. The facilities include an amphitheater-shaped auditorium with every modern teaching amenity. The structure and intimacy of the auditorium stimulates dialogue with both the instructor and fellow participants. There is a wireless network throughout the building as well as an Ethernet port by each seat, ensuring pervasive connectivity to the Internet.

Separate breakout rooms adjoin the auditorium as well as a café area. In addition to this, DTU Business has a flexible and multi-purpose dining area.

Jakob Holst
Don't hesitate to contact
Executive Director
Jakob Holst
(+45) 4525 6119

CEL™ Fact Sheet Download

CEL™ Quick Facts

What is CEL™:

  • An intensive, 7-month international program in corporate entrepreneurship running from August to March

  • Milestone based structure

  • Class structure is team based with a maximum of 10 company teams, of 2-3 participants each, working on a new business creation project for their company


  • High impact: for participants and their corporate sponsors through action learning, which combines theory with practice by utilizing your company's new business opportunity as the basis for teaching in the program.

  • Global Leadership: Benefit and learn from the experience of our international faculty of world class Corporate Entrepreneurship conceptual thinkers and practitioners.

  • Real impact: for your project with milestone-based participant deliveries ensure that your project's momentum is sustained.


  • Since its inception in 2007 CEL™ has graduated 11 classes, totalling 136 participants, from the program, resulting in the development of 68 projects.

  • 78% of these projects, or project ideas, have been actively pursued at some point in time over the past 6 years.

  • 31% of active projects have already generated revenue.

  • 65% of participants continue to be involved in New Business Creation after graduation.


  • Admission deadline: 1 May 2017

  • Program starts 21 August 2017

  • Contact Program Director Jakob Holst

  • Pricing starts at DKK 95,500 per participant
28 MARTS 2017