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DTU's Executive MBA, the MMT Program, class 19 starts on Thursday, August 25th, 2016, there are very few spots available so apply to the MMT program now to reserve your place.

<strong>Lars Thielsen, Haldor Topsøe A/S</strong><br>MMT has been a true eye-opener for me. I am forever thankful for the knowledge and competence gained, as well as the network of clever people I became a part of during 2 years of intensive “pushing-the-limits-beyond-what-I-believed-was-possible” education together with “Class 9”.<strong>Rasmus Hassing, Implement</strong><br>The quality of teaching and the resulting knowledge and experience gained during my time on DTU's Executive MBA is outstanding and I can highly recommend it.<strong>Larus Gudmundsson, Orga Systems</strong><br>DTU's Executive MBA is the best study that I could have taken, it suited me perfectly. The teachers were highly skilled and the administrative staff enabled me, as a student, to focus my time and energy on learning. The knowledge and skills I gained have enabled me to take on new tasks every day. I developed friendships for life that I’m truly grateful for.<strong>Vibeke Dalhoff, CiToxLAB Scantox</strong><br> Absolutely the best Executive MBA if you want to excel in creating value in the interface between business and technology. On top of that, it is demanding and fun and makes you feel like you're surfing a big wave for two years ;-)<strong>Jørgen Søberg Petersen, Merck Serono</strong><br>MMT is an excellent Executive MBA program and among the few that is well suited for managers in technology related industries. The MMT education had transformational impact on my leadership skills and career and I strongly recommend this program for individuals with aspirations for strategic leadership positions in innovative industries.<strong>Maz Spork, Egmont</strong><br>A significant upgrade to my personal leadership skills, as well as a cohesive set of business tools all related to management of innovation and boosting growth. Innovation is about making ideas happen, and DTU’s Executive MBA covers all the bases and equips you not only with skills and knowledge but with an appetite for changing the world!<strong>Kenneth Damgaard, Elico</strong><br>MMT is like getting a new engine. Your performance, your overview and your understanding will move up to a level you didn’t believe possible. Go for it – change your engine!<strong>Jan Kleis Wentorf, PVA TePla Denmark</strong><br>Expand your horizon, network with motivated classmates and absorb theory and experience from professors from all over the world. Three good arguments for taking the MMT program.<strong>Helle Scheel, Focus Consulting</strong><br>The MMT program has given me the ability to understand and work together with senior management at a strategic level. I use the skills and tools I gained daily working with business and technologies. The MMT program gives you insight and knowledge about management at all levels of an organization.<strong>Lars Henning Nielsen, Solar Danmark A/S</strong><br>I highly recommend The MMT program! It has given me in-depth knowledge of many important topics, especially regarding Innovation, Business Development and Change Management. MMT has also given me the leadership skills needed to execute. I use my aquired knowledge every day and I am grateful for having attended this program.<strong>Henrik Sørensen, Steensen Varming</strong><br>the MMT program was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn from leading international experts and gain both the theoretical background and specific tools and skills necessary to be able to work at a strategic level with business development and innovation management.<strong>Jan Bertholdt Hansen, COBIS</strong><br>The MMT program was a great enabler for me, elevating my skills to a greater understanding of complex business development tasks. I have worked with innovation, business development and entrepreneurship since I left the program in 2004 and I am still leveraging what I learned and the network gained from the MMT program.<strong>Linda Andresen, Hvidovre Hospital, Clinical Research Centre</strong><br>MMT’s focus on innovation and the transformation process necessary before new knowledge can be implemented in complex organizations has been especially valuable to me as a leader in the health care sector. My time at DTU Business has given me an in-depth understanding of stakeholder interaction and the means to balance their various demands.<strong>Matias Stuven, Danmarks Radio</strong><br>In a sea of numerous MBA-programs, DTU Business’s Executive MBA stands out with its clear focus on innovation. I found the program very useful, even in the public sector, but it’s the discussions with, inspiration by and feedback from the teachers and fellow students that I use in my daily life as a leader. <strong>Claus Ritter, Slagelse Kommune</strong><br>The lectures at DTU Business, including those from highly esteemed international professors, have given me knowledge, insight and a wide range of tools that are highly relevant and useful in my daily work. I can highly recommend the MMT program.<strong>Omar Frits Eriksson, Danish Maritime Authority</strong><br>The MMT program was a great enabler for me, elevating my skills and giving me a much deeper understanding of the essence of leadership, innovation and strategy. True understanding of innovation management is not widespread in the public sector but by utilizing the ballast of my MMT education, I am now able to do just this, worldwide, within Maritime Affairs.<strong>Claus Andersen, Royal Danish Navy</strong><br>I find the MMT program very inspiring. It offers a unique combination of working with strategic development and innovation in modern organizations. The international faculty is very knowledgeable. The MMT program is relevant for leaders in both the public sector and private companies.

DTU's Executive MBA

DTU's Executive MBA, the Master in Management of Technology (MMT) program, is the leading Nordic MBA in Innovation, New Business Creation and Personal Leadership. The MMT program aims to use the technological base of a participant's company as a starting point for teaching participants how to design, manage and implement the sort of innovation and change that generates new commercial opportunities.

MMT is a program that prioritizes value creation over administration. If you wish to upgrade your managerial qualifications as an innovative leader, the MMT Program can give you the tools you need.  

Registration Information

Once accepted to the MMT program your acceptance is valid for three years. The contract is binding only after the first payment has been made. Successful applicants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Core MMT Concepts

Innovation is essential to the growth of Danish companies. Without constant renewal of products, services, processes, and business concepts, companies stand to lose market share. Innovation is often rooted in new technologies. For this reason the DTU Business Executive MBA Program, MMT, focuses on Innovation, New Business Creation and Personal Leadership.

Collaboration with UC Berkeley

DTU Business and UC Berkeley have entered into a unique partnership. This new module, which will be part of the MMT program, explores leadership concepts at the executive level that are relevant to innovation for most public and private enterprizes. To learn more about the collaboration between DTU Business and the UC Berkeley School of Engineering please contact MMT Program Director Lasse Wiberg at (+45) 9351 1468.

For more information about MMT or to make an appointment please send an e-mail to Program Director Lasse Wiberg.

Lasse Wiberg
Don't hesitate to contact
Program Director
Lasse Wiberg
(+45) 4525 6122

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MMT Quick Facts

  • Prerequisites: Minimum 5 years work experience plus a bachelor's degree
    – academic exemptions are given in cases with sufficient work or management experience.
  • Workload: 1800 hours
  • Duration: 21 months
  • Class size: there are a limited number of places available.
  • Price: 350.000 DKK
  • Average age: MMT particpants average age is 41 years.
  • Travel: The program includes 2 international study tours.
  • Results: 90% of MMT participants are promoted within their companies after completion of the program.