Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network

Danish Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network

The Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network is an interdisciplinary executive learning network designed for continuous competence building of health innovation leadership skills.


DTU Business, in cooperation with Stanford University and UC Berkeley, has created a unique Innovation Leadership program targeting top-level managers in the Danish health and life-science sectors. This program has experienced years long success with its clear focus on concrete learning processes related to real-life innovation leadership challenges. Top leaders from across regions, municipalities, hospitals, universities, organizations, and private enterprises within the health sector have participated in the program.

The diverse cross-section of top level managers represented in the program through the years has resulted in the development of a highly influential alumni network of more than 150 key stakeholders accross the Danish health sector. Our graduates have all gone through the same intensive education process, acquired common references, frameworks and experiences, leading to the formation of a vital societal leadership asset in the Danish health sector.

The Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network is established on this foundation as a formalized network, primarily for former program participants. 

ILC Class 2017 

Activities and Format

Activities focus on the practical inspiration and the continuous development of leadership competencies for managing and executing interdisciplinary innovation. Our ambition is both to broaden and raise the level of innovation throughout the health sector, ensuring optimal resource utilization and real measurable results in terms of improved efficiency, quality, learning, technology and business potentials.

The network offers inspiring meetings and workshops, and serves as a continuous learning, knowledge-sharing, and execution platform. Here are some highlights:

  • Theme guided network meetings are held regularly, normally with inspiring keynotes of highest international standard and member discussions

  • Customised, unique study tours are conducted around the globe, according to the interests of network members

  • Ad hoc access to open lectures and seminars with first reservation right granted to network members

  • Exclusive access to an online learning universe catering to the contemporary educational needs of busy top healthcare professionals

Anne Mette Termansen


The day-to-day management of the network is undertaken by DTU Business. Content, format, and principles in general are defined by the members through a program committee, working in cooperation with DTU Business. Regular network meetings are normally hosted by members (member organisations).

DTU Business acts as a platform for selected health innovation projects, such as Big Data, advanced analysis, AI, operational excellence, and entrepreneurship in the health sector. We have also established collaboration with prominent international universities and health institutions, focusing on health innovation and optimization. Hands-on activities of this type provide value to the Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network.

Please contact
Program Director
Sam Kondo Steffensen
+45 3119 7300

Please contact
Professor Emeritus
Peter Bruun
+45 4525 6112

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17 NOVEMBER 2018