Exploration of knowledge sharing mechanism in maritime innovation networks

Tuesday 05 Sep 17

PhD Candidate Magnus Gary is developing a model for knowledge transfer in maritime innovation networks. 

Exploration of knowledge sharing mechanism in maritime innovation networks

The maritime industry is a mature and capital intensive industry, which to a high degree rely on incremental development. This leads to the industry being at risk of being disrupted by actors from the outside, who changes the logic in the market. By not be able to share and utilize knowledge created within the maritime industry in an efficient way the Danish maritime industry is at risk of overlooking the possibilities that can increase the competitiveness compared not only to other maritime nations but also other ways of assessing the value creation that shipping offers the global value system.

An important part of establishing a large societal partnership in ‘The Blue Denmark’ is to create knowledge-sharing across the project activities. Today, the Danish maritime industry lacks the formula for how to do this; and when regarding the amount of resources invested in collaborative projects in ‘The Blue Denmark’ and the potential value nested in utilizing knowledge which is only available in other organizations this topic seems very relevant to investigate further with the purpose of creating practical applicable structures, models, functions and activities that can support the knowledge sharing and knowledge gathering. 

The Ph.D. project wishes to investigate how knowledge sharing across organizations in the Danish maritime industry, which for a large part consists of tacit knowledge which is shared in informal networks can become operational and explicit knowledge that can be codified and utilized by organizations without this codification creates rigid systems that will decrease the creativity for the employees.

Zoran Perunovic, Associate Professor and Academic Director of DTU Executive MBA, Mette Sanne Hansen, Head of DTU Maritime Center, and Melanie Kreye, Associate Professor are supervising the project.

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19 JULY 2018