MBA skills creates great results in South Africa

Thursday 31 Aug 17
MBA participants work with South African companies in their consultancy projects - and it is a great succes and win-win for everyone

During the 3rd semester the MBA participants visit Capetown to work with local South Africans companies as a part of their consultancy projects. And now almost 9 months later, it is amazing to see the outcome and witness their recommendations unfold.

True Value Creation
During the one week long study-tour, the MBA class is devided in 8 hardworking teams working together with the local companies.  After returning from South Africa  they have 2 weeks to finalize their reports. One of the companies; the Foschini retail Group, a large retail conglomerate – within the fashion, technology, furniture and jewellery industry- worked closely with the assigned MBA team. The Foschini Group has 17 trading companies or brands within the group each dedicated to selling merchandise. The MBA team worked with the management of Foschini groups in their telecom business – called ‘Hi’. The report and the suggested initiatives was supported by the management who took action and implemented 50% of the recommendations that the eMBA team suggested. Among different recommendations the team suggested how to capture, structure and utilize the inside value of customer data. They introduced bots to start capture data and to start dialogues with customers.

Another team worked for the Unesco project ‘Bio Diversity’ around Capetown. Their project developed from few enthusiasts to an organisation with more than 200 employees. As a lot of the infrastructure has not developed along the organisation, they were not very effective in the administration.  The MBA team developed a model for all structure, process, capabilities to secure more efficiency. Again the company were quick to implement most of the activities suggested except a single project. 

Action Learning
This is action learning at it´s best. This is what it is all about - creating a scene where real time business creation and leadership unfold. And to enable participants and companies to co-create real value in an innovative environment. 

Thanks to the teams for your great work - we can´t wait to take the next MBA class to South Africa, where new companies are waiting for us to astonish them once again..

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19 JULY 2018