High Tech Summit

Thursday 31 Aug 17
DTU will host the first university-driven technology summit in September 20-21 - focusing on the digitization of Danish industry. You have the chance to see and hear about the latest technologies and learn how to use them in your business or organization.

HIGH TECH SUMMIT - Empowering Society and Creating Value 

Welcome to a unique trade fair and conference.
DTU is hosting the first university-driven technology summit in September - focusing on the digitization of Danish industry. See the latest technologies and hear how to use them in your business or organization. The event showcases the newest leading technologies and shows you how to start using and benefitting from these technologies. The High Tech Summit is part conference and part exhibition, with a focus on digitization of Danish industry.

High Tech Summit will focus on areas such as:

  • Industry 4.0, for example smart robots in production settings and ultra-fast 3D printers
  • Digitization and Big Data, for example digital, customized healthcare solutions, smart energy management in cities and new business models
  • Advanced materials, for example smart materials, nanosensors for environmental engineering solutions, and smart surfaces of advanced products
  • Start-ups and students, for example disruption, high-tech start-ups, and synergies between start-ups and large corporations. Here, participants include Venture Cup, DTU Skylab and Stardust. In addition, there will be activities from Scion DTU

Selected keynote speakers:

  • IBM: Internet of Things - it is happening now By Claus Klint, Director, IBM Watson Internet of Things, Scandinavia
  • Microsoft: Den digitale transformation (The digital transformation), Microsoft
  • Siemens: Industry 4.0 concerns everyone By Prof. Dr. Dieter Wegener, Siemens AG, Corporate Technology and ZVEI-German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association
  • SingularityU Denmark: Exponential mindset and business By Laila Pawlak, CEO, SingularityU Denmark
  • and many other relevant speakers on the different tracks...

The organiser is DTU in collaboration with a number of strategic partners: 
Innovationsnetværk for Miljøteknologi, Innovation Network RoboCluster, Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge & Urban Development, Scion DTU, MADE, IBM, Innovation Centre Denmark, DTU Skylab, Venture Cup, The Capital Region of Denmark, IPU, DI Digital, Gate21, Innovation Fund Denmark, Stardust, PF (Polyteknisk Forening), Innosix, ATV, BDV Big Data Value Association, SingularityU Denmark, Siemens, Microsoft, IDA


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