Focus on Big Data in Danish Healthcare system

Friday 01 Sep 17
DTU Business welcomes PhD Candidate Claus Refeld, who is joining our healtcare team bringing direct value to the Danish health system through his research.

A Model of Big Data Utilisation in the Danish Healthcare System
The world floats with data and data is gathered at any moment in time. A large part of these data can be used in order to increase the level of health through insights, information, communication and science. The utilization potential through personal medicine, artificial intelligence for diagnosing, wearables for behavioral tracking and nudging, med tech instruments for treatment just to mention a few examples. The potential use cases seems infinite and the potential value creation is equally big.

Danish health data are recognized worldwide as being of high quality and at the same time they are adequate for the Danish population development over the last 30-50 years. Even though the value and the potential is obvious, the utilization of the data is limited at best. Since we know for a fact that data is gathered and stored and the potentials for actual use are great, it seems obvious that a major obstacle in utilizing the value of the data is to create accessibility,

The ambition with the PhD-project is to create a model that increases the possibility to utilize the value of these data, and as such the primary focus area is to create insights into what parameters needs to be in place in order to ensure relevant and functional access to data in the health environment.

How can the structures of: Technological and innovation capabilities, Business Models and investment, Political willingness, Ethical issues and Regulation; be organized in Denmark in order to create an efficient and effective utilization of healthcare data? Hopefully questions we can provide the answer to very soon...

Zoran Perunovic, Associate Professor and Academic Director of DTU Executive MBA and Sam Kondo Steffensen, Head of Healthcare Initiatives at DTU Business, are supervising the project.

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19 JULY 2018