The Future of Patient Data

Friday 12 Oct 18

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Earlier this year two workshops took place right here at DTU Business exploring the value and importance of Patient Data in Healthcare. 

Read more and download the final report right here 

Denmark is recognised as one of the leading nations for healthcare and is at the forefront of digital transformation in the sector. As new challenges and opportunities emerge over the next decade The future of patient data report considers what the core drivers of change may be and explores how developments in the availability and use of more  and better patient data may impact the Danish health system. Linking together previous research, a recent related Future Agenda initiative and insights from a number of experts discussions in Copenhagen, it then examines the pivotal issues that will affect healthcare providers in the future and considers how the wider sharing of exemplary data can change delivery models. 


The Future of Patient Data report - from a danish Perspective is free for download


The Future of Patient Data 2018


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17 NOVEMBER 2018