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DTU's Executive MBA – Admission Requirements


DTU's Executive MBA, the MMT Program, class 20 starts in August 2017, so apply to the Executive MBA, MMT program now to reserve your place.

What You Should Bring to MMT

The MMT program is an Executive MBA designed for an international audience. People who currently are, or who aim to be, responsible for their company's innovation processes and business development are our taget audience. Whether you are involved in the development of new products or services, the implementation of new systems and processes, designing new business models or establishing new relationships with customers and partners the MMT program will help you further your career. 

Participants should have a Bachelor's degree in engineering, medicine or pharmacy, or an equivalent degree in a technical field or the natural sciences. An educational background in business, social science or humanities is also acceptable, as the decisive factor is that applicants are strongly involved in the company's renewal process and are challenged by the prospect of utilizing technology (defined as knowledge and capability gained through technical insight) to generate innovation and new business opportunities.

In addition, it is also assumed that applicants have acquired project management experience, including at least three years of on-the-job experience. HR management experience is an additional advantage but not a requirement.

In addition to being familiar with methods and tools, the participant must have a personal flair for leadership, i.e. the ability to understand how to create an inspiring environment, how to motivate employees, how to establish and improve teamwork and how to communicate goals and decisions to employees. As an innovative manager the participant must have the ability to generate results through other people.

In order to apply for participation in the MMT eMBA program you are required to send us your application, your CV and an essay of two pages. You can download the application form here.

Applications will be processed as they arrive until the registration deadline at the beginning of August. Successful applicants will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. An acceptance is valid for three years and the contract binding only after the first payment has been made.

If you need futher information or would like to arrange a personal meeting, please contact the MMT Program Director:

Peter Arbs
(+45) 2029 2510

Peter Arbs
Please contact
Program Director
Peter Arbs
(+45) 2029 2510

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MMT Quick Facts

  • Prerequisites: Minimum 3 years work experience plus a bachelor's degree – academic exemptions are given in cases with sufficient work or management experience.

  • Workload: 1800 hours

  • Duration: 21 months

  • Class size: there are a limited number of places available.

  • Price: 350.000 DKK

  • Average age: MMT particpants average age is 41 years.

  • Travel: The program includes 2 international study tours.

  • Results: 90% of MMT participants are promoted within their companies after completion of the program.
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