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DTU's Executive MBA – Benefits


DTU's Executive MBA, the MMT Program, class 20 starts in August 2017, so apply to the Executive MBA, MMT program now to reserve your place.

Benefits for You

By the end of the program you will have developed skills enabling you to effectively and competently design, plan, manage and supervise game changing strategic innovation and business development processes. These competencies build on the skill sets acquired during the program.

Basic skills

You will acquire a sound understanding your company’s operations management, including financial reporting, investment, marketing, the development of business processes and service management.

You will learn to develop the company’s strategy process and become versed in knowledge creation and management.

You will acquire an understanding of internationalization processes and cross-cultural factors.

Specific skills

You will learn to identify new business opportunities by analyzing the potential of a given market, leve raging technological opportunites, conducting risk assessment and by preparing cases relating it strategy.

You will learn to identify the internal and external stakeholders who should be involved in the process, thus giving you an insight into how they affect the company.

You will acquire in-depth knowledge of change processes and acquire the necessary tools for analyzing change needs.

Youwill learn to initiate and execute innovation particularly in respect to commercialization, including the development of business plans.

You will become familiar with a wide range of analytical methods and tools in support of the company’s innovation and business development strategy.

Personal leadership skills

By acquiring knowledge of motivation theory and team-building, you will learn how to unite people from widely different backgrounds to work together to achieve a common goal.

You will gain insight into managerial roles and a deeper understanding of yourself through a 360-degree analysis. This analysis consists of you being placed in a group of 4-5 participants, whereafter the group will conduct interviews with each individual member’s colleagues and leaders to reveal how each of you are perceived as a leader.

You will develop personal strengths in strategic discussions.

You will improve your self-confidence, increase your ability to prioritize personal and departmental resources and develop skills for effective communication.

Benefits for Your Company

Roughly 50% of study time on the MMT program is spent on company-specific assignments and projects. The final Master’s Project, which usually deals with a current business related challenge within a participant's company, is conducted in close cooperation between the company and MMT program advisers. All in all, the company receives approximately 800 hours of consultancy during the 21 month long education.

By the end of the MMT program, a company will have enhanced their employee’s managerial qualifications and further developed the human resources within the company. Companies will also have cultivated a highly motivated and dedicated employee, who has spent approximately 1600 hours on becoming more professional in his/her day-to-day management. As a result of these newly aquired competencies, a company will have an employee who:

  • can perceive, design and manage the company’s short-term innovation challenges;
  • can contribute more actively to the company’s long-term business-related development;
  • understands the company’s corporate mission – and can identify the value creation activities in the company;
  • understands the role of the company in an international perspective;
  • has established a strong network with other Danish companies; and
  • has widened his/her technical base and can work across the company’s traditional departments and boundaries.

Sponsor Dialogue

We have developed an effective dialogue tool for simultaneously supporting each participant’s development as a manager while enhancing the company’s benefit from the program.

The sponsor dialogue – a cooperative dialogue between an individual participant, the participant’s corporate sponsor and a representative from DTU Business that starts at the beginning of the MMT Program and continues through to the final evaluation. This framework for collaborative efforts aims to meet the educational needs of the participant as well as the challenges faced by the company.

There are abundant opportunities to adapt technological subjects to specific business-related problems, and the sponsor dialogue aims to generate the greatest possible value for everyone involved, including the composition of nine minor written assignments and three major project assignments. The purpose of the sponsor dialogue is to transform the qualifications acquired during the program into value generating skills.

Peter Arbs
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Program Director
Peter Arbs
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MMT Quick Facts

  • Prerequisites: Minimum 3 years work experience plus a bachelor's degree – academic exemptions are given in cases with sufficient work or management experience.

  • Workload: 1800 hours

  • Duration: 21 months

  • Class size: there are a limited number of places available.

  • Price: 350.000 DKK

  • Average age: MMT particpants average age is 41 years.

  • Travel: The program includes 2 international study tours.

  • Results: 90% of MMT participants are promoted within their companies after completion of the program.
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