DTU Business Research Projects

DTU Business ResearchDTU Executive School of Business research focuses on innovation management, corporate entrepreneurship, leadership and global management.

The following research projects are currently underway at DTU Business. If you are interested in learning more about past and current research projects or the possibilities of becoming a part of our research team here at DTU Business do not hesitate and contact one of the principal researchers listed for each research project.

Innovation in NetworksInnovation in Networks
How collaboration for innovation creates business value for the maritime industry. Read more...

T.R.A.C.E.TRACE – Tracking Corporate Entrepreneurship
Corporate Entrepreneurship is the expression of a corporation’s quest to create and build new businesses (NBC). Encouraged by top manage- ment, such initiatives are pursued by Corporate Entrepreneurs. Read more...

Outsourcing InnovationOutsourcing Innovation
Companies that are considering outsourcing parts of their innovation activities (outsourcers) and companies that are candidates for taking over those innovation activities (vendors) are faced with numerous challenges for conducting a successful innovation outsourcing arrangement. Read more...

Vendor CapabilityVendor-Outsourcer Partnerships
A vendor’s capabilities are recognized as one of the most important factors for success in outsourcing. However, there is a lack of understanding of how vendors manage their capabilities throughout the outsourcing process. With an aim to contribute to filling this existing gap, we explore how vendors deploy their capabilities in order to win, run and renew the outsourcing. Read more...

Zoran Perunović
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Zoran Perunović
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19 JULI 2018